In her capacity as in-house legal counsel for various listed corporations, Sián has not only gained extensive commercial legal experience but has also gained insight into the intricate workings of large multinational corporations and the particular business imperatives driving them. This has resulted in her having a valuable ability to not only utilise her technical ability to apply the law correctly, but also her ability to assess both the commercial and legal risks together in order to obtain a commercial solution that operates as effectively as possible within the legal framework applicable and within the greater corporate strategy.


Sián offers commercial legal advice to companies on a wide range of commercial issues from the drafting of contracts to the operational review and impact of large business transactions from internal re-organisation to the acquisition of target companies in the merger and acquisition process. Her extensive knowledge of drafting and negotiating contracts and ability to manage legal and operational risk assists businesses in reaching their operational targets whilst ensuring that the nature of the operating environment, a good understanding of the regulatory environment and the interplay between regulation, contract and business strategy are always all properly considered.


After completing her LLM in Commercial Law (with a specialisation in Electronic Law) Sián took up a position overseas as corporate counsel at LSI Logic Europe Ltd, the European Headquarters of LSI Logic Corporation, a US based multinational that specialises in the global supply of custom, high-performance semiconductors and associated software where she supported their channel markets in Europe and the United States gaining extensive experience in drafting multijurisdictional commercial agreements.

On her return to South Africa she set up a legal consultancy and consulted to a range of corporate clients including Woolworths (Pty) Ltd with whom she went on to accept full time employment as a legal adviser managing their IT, franchise and supplier portfolios, gaining extensive experience in the retail sector.

Most recently she worked with MWEB in their Business Development Department managing their operational legal requirements and assisting with work throughout South Africa and Africa as Senior Legal Adviser.

Currently Sián does work for a variety of multinational companies including a global social networking company, a bulk sms company located here, in the UK and in the US as well as an electronic communications network and network service provider company.